Frederick L. Brown
Frederick L. Brown
historian and book indexer
Seattle, Washington

Book Indexing Services
I have nine years of experience preparing back-of-the-book indexes for scholarly works, textbooks, and trade books. Over my career, I have indexed over a hundred books in a wide variety of topics, with a particular emphasis on history, biography, and politics. More information is available here.

Birds of Home:
A History of European Songbirds and Other Immigrants in North America

This book project explores the history of house sparrows, European starlings, and a dozen other European songbird species that European Americans introduced into North America in the nineteenth century. It shows how these birds fit into immigrants' efforts at home-making on a new continent, as reminders of home and, they hoped, as defenders of shade trees and crops from insects. And it shows how many descendants of immigrants -- farmers, scientists, bird protectionists, and others -- came to see their avian fellow immigrants as out of place in North America.

The City is More Than Human: An Animal History of Seattle
This award-winning book (University of Washington Press, 2016) asks, How does the history of a city look, if we take the historical role of animals seriously? Although usually absent from history books, creatures such as cows, horses, pigs, chickens, dogs, cats, and salmon played crucial roles in struggles over property and power in the changing city of Seattle. They have accompanied humans on their urban journey as property, as symbols, and as friends, and taken their own active role in the evolving city.

Seventy Years Ago
This blog presents quotations from my parents' and grandparents' letters seventy years after they were written. The letters trace stories of farmwork in rural Kansas, my father's military service during World War II, including learning Japanese at the Navy language school in Boulder, Colo., and my parents' studies and courtship at Southwestern College, Winfield, Kans.

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